Casket Arts Community Featured Artist

Linnea Maas - Painting and Illustration

Linnea Maas is an artist and illustrator who has painted and drawn her whole life. From a young start secretly drawing on the wall under the stairs to today in her Casket Arts studio, Linnea loves to make her daydreams visible. Linnea can be found filling sketchbook after sketchbook with doodles, birds, Robots, and imaginary landscapes. Her characters are simple yet full of emotion, bold and brightly colored. They look out from the pages to see if you’re watching, to connect and make people smile. 

Linnea paints mostly in acrylics and occasionally oils, and draws on her paintings as well as on paper and board. She enjoys getting dirty with ink and charcoal as well as exploring the less messy form of drawing digitally. Her most recent projects include illustrating a Robot coloring book, painting murals, and painting live art with DJs and saxophone players.

Linnea MaasApple Picking, 2016, Digital illustration

Linnea MaasHill Country, 2009, Acrylic on canvas, 18x24"

Linnea MaasRobot Adventure coloring books

Linnea MaasOld studio interior shot

3D drawing

Cracked heart by mydetic on Sketchfab

Mocus Locus Painting

First first Time Lapse

VR Reel