Casket Arts Community Featured Artist

Deborah Foutch - Fiber

Two rivers

Deborah Foutch is an artist whose palette, sense of line, light, and space, is deeply informed by the landscape she grew up in. A native Iowan, she was raised in a creative family that showed her how to look around and see the shape, color and texture of things and appreciate the beauty of nature’s chance combinations.

Deborah has shown her work nationally in galleries and festivals for the past 25 years. The discipline of the show deadlines, combined with the joy of playing with different materials keeps her work fresh and skills evolving. Her current work includes oil pastel drawings, mixed media figures, fiber and mixed media wall pieces. All are executed with rich layers of materials, techniques and meaning.

Her landscapes are constructed by a combination of painting and quilting techniques with mixed media embellishments. Carved clays, both glazed and not, beading, found objects, deconstructed fabrics, and papers are added for their relationship to the piece under construction. Layered textural materials delight the eye and evoke feelings. Layers challenge the viewer to question what they see to look longer, deeper.
The rhythm of seasonal change, the flow of rivers, the roll of land, the grace of trees, and the abounding variety of light are recurring subjects ,awakened in childhood, expressed with skill from ongoing creative practice and by constantly observing and responding to nature.

Since establishing her studio in the Casket Arts Carriage House she has found new ways to share her skills by offering studio based classes in Surface Design, and creative practice by running Artist's Way groups as an art experiential. Check out for current offerings.

Studio #303 is always open for 1st Thurs. For more information contact her through her website Studio visits and commissions are welcomed by the artist.