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Eyenga Bokamba - Painter

eyenga Eyenga Bokamba is an artist most drawn to abstraction as a means of expressing her perceptions of complex realities. Her work has been widely collected by public libraries, universities, and private collectors who value the spacious expansiveness and luminosity of her paintings.

Eyenga produces large-scale paintings using acrylic paint and calligrapher’s ink to create layers of translucence, sometimes including text that may or may not figure into the final visible configuration on the canvas. In her latest body of work, the abstracted figure emerges, giving rise to a new visual language of gesture and movement.
Eyenga holds an undergraduate degree from the University of Minnesota and a graduate degree from Harvard University. In recognition of the high caliber of her work she has been inducted into the National Association of Women Artists.

Current exhibitions include a solo show at the Howard Conn Fine Arts Center at Plymouth Congregational Church, on view from September 7th through October 23rd with a reception on September 15th from 11:30-1:00. -

Pamela Espeland of minnpost named this opening as one of "our picks through September 12th" -

Also on view at May Day Cafe in South Minneapolis are two large-scale works intended as meditations on community resilience. August 25th through September 22nd -

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