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Nicky Torkzadeh - Painter

Nicky was born in Iran and emigrated to the U.S. for better education opportunities. She first began to paint in college. After finishing her graduate program, she worked for several years as a graphic designer at the University of Minnesota. She left that job to raise her children, but when they grew older she took up painting again. After encountering an encouraging amount of success with her art, she opened up a studio in the Casket Arts building.

Her inspirations are the natural and man-made worlds, past memories layered with memory wishes, dreams, and people. When transferring her ideas to art, she often enhances them with intense colors and bold lines. Sometimes she allows the brush and paint to guide her technique, often squeezing out the paint directly on to the surface; other times she uses a very careful application of curvacious cross-hatching lines.

From the man-made world she borrows telephone lines as she find them immensely powerful and almost nostalgic. She often pairs them with intensely dramatic skies, often created by mixing paints directly on the surface.

Nicky Torkzadeh  Nicky Torkzadeh  Nicky Torkzadeh

As for the natural world, she likes to render animals, most often fish. Her signature style of painting fish is very controlled, imbued with strong lines, linear design elements, swimming ovals and schools of fish.
Nicky Torkzadeh  Nicky Torkzadeh  Nicky Torkzadeh

Her latest endeavor is collage-based pictorial biographies, or Memento Portraits, which depict a person's most-loved interests and keepsakes. She is now taking commissions for such portraits.

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Nicky's studio #211 is open to the public by appointment and on the first Thursdays of each month. Please contact her through her website at To see her latest work and her day to day interactions with art, follow her on