Mercury Mosaics

Studio Number: 160
Primary Medium: Handcrafted ceramic tile

Mercury Mosaics is a group of skilled tile artisans in the heart of the NE Minneapolis Arts District making handmade artisan tile. Recently voted #1 Arts District in the US, we offer stunning American-made tile. Starting with lumps of clay, we cut out every shape of tile, glaze them by hand, and fire them in our blazing kilns. We then layout each tile in its place—whether it is for a kitchen backsplash, outdoor fountain, or retail storefront. We love to design something completely unique and tailored to a specific project, watch it be created and see the joy on peoples faces when they experience their new tile. It’s more than just tile, its a lifestyle.


Studio Hours: Monday - Friday - 9am - 5pm - or by appointment
Open First Thursdays: no
Open for Art-A-Whirl: yes
Open for Open Casket: yes
Classes: yes,

Mercury Mosaics
Mercury MOsaics