History of the Casket Arts Building

Old Casket

The Northwestern Casket Company dates back to 1887, making it one of the oldest buildings in the twin cities. The building served as a casket factory until January of 2005, and the current owners are breathing new life into the building with the goal of creating space for artists and a commercial studio.

The Casket Arts Building

casket arts

The Casket Arts Building is home to over 100 tenants. As you wander around the building, you will find a variety of tenants. While some studios have regular full-time hours, others are used as primarily production studios with limited hours. Take a look at our directory and call the particular artist or business direct for hours and information.

The Carriage House Building

Carriage House The Casket Arts Carriage House is the small eclectic arts building at the end of Madison St with artists on three floors that range from fine furniture makers, jewelers, painters, print makers, sculptors, pottery, wood carving, and fiber art. A vibrant corner of the Casket Arts Community there are currently two teaching studios among the dozen studios.