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Sandra Felemovicius - Painting

Sandra Gorshtein Felemovicius is a contemporary artist. She was born in Mexico City in 1971. Art became her passion from a very young age, being the daughter of a prominent architect who exposed her to all different kinds of art and architecture; Sandra became fascinated with spaces, lines, shapes and creative problem solving. She studied painting and drawing in Florence, Italy for six months. It was there were she realized she wanted to be a professional artist. Sandra moved to Minnesota in 1992. She got her Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design in 1995.

Sandra’s work is Nonobjective painting that consist of arrangements of line and mark that make no direct reference to anything in the visible, exterior or physical world. She uses line, mark, pattern, and texture to speak metaphorically and poetically of things that are formless, intangible and unseen. Her inspiration comes from nature and the abstract world that is around us.

Sandra is constantly inspired to continue, explore and push on her journey. She has been working on constructing a sensual and exciting surface that weaves a path between process and narrative, mark and meaning, intention and abstraction.

Sandra’s latest work can be found on the permanent collection of the US Bank Vikings Stadium, in Manuk Gallery in San Miguel de Allende, at Rosenthal Interiors and Modernwell in Minneapolis MN.

Sandra FelemoviciusSkyline Balance - US Bank Vikings Stadium Art Collection

Sandria FelemoiciusPathways - US Bank Vikings Stadium Art Collection

Sandra FelemoviciusPurple Connection - US Bank Vikings Stadium Art Collection

Midnight Sky - US Bank Vikings Stadium Art Collection