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Russ White - Drawings, Prints, & Sculpture

Russ White is an artist, illustrator, and writer living in Minneapolis. Born and raised in the Carolinas with a formative stint in Mississippi, he received a BA in Studio Art from Davidson College and spent the next ten years in Chicago working as a high-end cabinet maker. After marrying a native Minnesotan, his relocation to the Twin Cities became inevitable, and he now works out of his studio in the basement of the Casket Arts Building. He also currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Northeast Minneapolis Arts Association and as a writer and editor for

Consisting primarily of large scale colored pencil drawings and sculptural installations, his work uses a kind of cartoonish realism to investigate complicated social themes. Fundamentally, his work is about who we are as individuals and as a society.  In a national climate that is increasingly divisive, in which many people feel perfectly at ease with their own ignorance and indignation, White is interested in encouraging empathy, wonder, and reflection on our shared humanity, in all of our filth and our glory.  The work is a reaction to contemporary life in all its complexity: it is at once funny and somber, personal and political, comically bright and darkly serious. His most recent show, Situation Normal, used traffic barricades as symbols of our current national mood, signifying roadblocks to progress and warning of caution as we move forward. The show doubled as a fundraiser for Planned Parenthood and the Southern Poverty Law Center.

To see more of his work, you are welcome to visit his studio (LL10 down in the basement) every First Thursday and during open studio events like Art-A-Whirl and Open Casket. He also has an upcoming solo show at the Hopkins Center For The Arts in January, 2018. To see his full portfolio, please visit

Russ WhiteGoliath, colored pencil & acrylic on panel, 49 x 63"

Russ WhiteSituation Normal installation, Truckstop Gallery, March 2017

russ WiteOut of Order, nylon flag, 36 x 60"