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Lori Braun Design - Jewelry

Nellie and Ginger I have no formal training in design but I get my my inspiration from the beautiful gemstones which I select for their beauty as well as their quality. I use agates, boulder opal, fossilized coral, palmwood and Sequoia, chrysoprase, blue chalcedony and rutilated quartz to name a few.
All of my work is fabricated from gold and silver. It is "constructed" using square and round wire, sheet, tubing and solder. The metal is forged, shaped, stamped, roller-printed and domed using hammers and other tools. A finished piece consists of many parts all of which are soldered at each joint and can have anywhere from eight to twenty different solder joints.
My style is contemporary with an emphasis on color. I hope that when you look at a piece of my jewelry you are not only enticed by its beauty, but also by its quality.

Lori shares her studio with her Great Danes, Nellie and Ginger.

Lori Braun   Lori Braun

Lori Braun